Wednesday, July 16, 2014

In The Works!

Things are starting to gear up for Fall in the studio. The past few weeks have been design time for me. It feels like the rush is on and I will be out of time soon if I don't keep moving. I've been designing a new line of "creatures" for the Fall. They are made up of pumpkin men, squash, cats and witches. Right now there is a waiting list, no pressure there! I'm posting some pictures of finished pieces and pieces in the have a look!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

A little cat and mouse anyone?

Today's picture is of the cat I just finished. He's the cats meow! Actually he is my favorite. Sometimes working on one of my  creations I get so frustrated I want to take a pair of scissors and stab them but this guy was fun to make! Summertime is my down time when I have the freedom to work on anything new I want. It really is a nice change and keeps me creative. Soon enough we will be back in Belsnickle mode and complaining about the freezing cold here in central Pa. Guy is finishing up 200 small feather trees for a special order and then he's onto mold making for the upcoming season. There's molds that need to be remade and new ones waiting. I am working on these new items for Fall and then I need to turn my attention to our store for the Fall and Winter's never ending!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

A Quiet Saturday Morning

Well all is quiet at my house and studio this morning.The only thing I'm hearing is a rather vocal momma bird in the courtyard and an occasional car passing down Chestnut St. This all seems weird, Chestnut St is never quiet! Oh well I will enjoy it while I can. Guy has gone off to work this morning which is not his usual schedule. There is a Summer festival today which requires him to work the day schedule instead of the evening hours.Sooo quiet, quiet, quiet around here today. I have been working on more items for the new line of holiday ..?????. I'm not even sure what to call these guys yet, maybe veggie People, maybe Halloween Creeps or maybe just "Creepies". I don't know, I'll worry about that later. I've been putting in quite a bit of time on the designing of this line even though there are orders backed up waiting to be finished on our regular line of reproductions. Hey,  the more the merrier, isn't that what they say! Everything will get done eventually. Right now I am just going to enjoy my quiet before I open the store today.......ahhhhhhh..silence

Friday, June 6, 2014


What a pair.....The mushroom professor and the big mouth cherry! These are the two latest in my new Fall line. It's time to grab a cup of coffee and head back to the studio to see what else pops out of my head today. Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The "C" Word! it really only 6 moths until Christmas again? It feels like I just finished making Belsnickles yesterday! Guy and I were in the studio earlier today and I looked at him and  blurted out.."Ya know Christmas is only 6 months away!" Old Hawaiian boy shot me the "stink eye" quicker than I could blink! I think he mumbled something but I'm not sure exactly what. I quietly returned to working on my samples and did not speak of the Christmas season again! Pictured today are some of my samples that will be available this Fall. We have the Pumpkin King, the Squash Man, the Halloween Candle holder and the Hysterical Eggplant. More to come as time marches on towards...shhhhh.... Christmas!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Look what grew in my garden!

 It's summertime and I finally have time to work on new ideas! I'm posting a quick picture of my sample. This will be a line available in the Fall. This guy is a squash person. He will be joined by goblins and pumpkins and anything else that crawls out of my brain!

Monday, May 12, 2014


Well I do think summer has finally come to central Pa. I'm not sure if we saw any Spring but I will take this weather over last winter any day. After a very good Easter season and our business has slowed down a bit I have some free time to work on a few new ideas. I am posting a few pictures of items I've been playing around with. The Halloween bug has bitten early and I'm anxious to get going on some crazy funky jacks! In the pipeline  for this summer is a wonderful screaming hen with a toothache. Shes a candy container just waiting to be molded along with a 16 in German gnome, a new grinning jack, a witch on a pumpkin and a wonderful Scottie dog and container. Think our summer in the studio will be busy? On top of these projects we have three more 6 foot belsnickles on order so let the paper mache "mess" begin! The store received a mini makeover right after Christmas to pass the time. The frozen split water pipes in the store are about to be replaced and a new roof is going on the house this next week. It was one rough winter, one I never wish to go through again. So here's looking to summer, get as hot as you want...we will not complain!(too much).