Saturday, August 29, 2015

Raisin Cain....

Baby Raisin is getting big. Overall she is fairly well behaved. The one area of trouble we still are having is the is fight to the death over something she has found. This morning was a candle stick she grabbed of the kitchen table. Once her little jaws are locked down on something she deems "hers", the fight is on. This mornings knock down drag out sounded like someone was going to end up bloody! Training, training, training is the only way to correct this behavior. It may take 100 times, it may take more but eventually she will come to understand that not everything has to be a fight. Today is Raisins last day of obedience class and registration for the next upcoming sessions.While Guy is working with her on her behavior I am in the studio working on Halloween. My stores official opening for the season is Tuesday September 1st. I'm ready to go but I have to say I will miss my days of summer break where I got to do absolutely nothing. Back in creativity mode and shortly onto Belsnickles..yes, the C word is coming!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Life with Raisin

It's been four weeks since baby Raisin came to live with us. In that time I've had three shirts chewed beyond repair, one belsnickle eaten in the studio, one smashed witch lantern, a string of glass mercury beads taken out of a Christmas storage box, countless attempts to jump up on my work benches, backyard plants randomly pruned and my two forearms scratched with little needle teeth beyond recognition. I'd say its been a pretty good four weeks. Only a few piddles in the house! The first couple of days I thought we would need a whip and chair to tame the mini beast but as time passed she has blended in quite well. This past Saturday was Raisins first puppy training class. Guy like a proud father said that she was the best in the class and she did everything perfect! My work schedule in the studio seems to now be scheduled around puppy naps. This rings familiar, didn't I work like this when my kids were little? Somehow I am going to have to get going on Halloween and Christmas soon without the extra help of a rambunctious puppy. Right now I have a few cool pieces in the works but I can only work for short periods of time..hence, puppy playtime. Speaking of puppy play time Raisin will be going to doggie daycare in a week or two. This also rings familiar....been there done that with the kids..OMG this is just like having another child!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Halloween and the puppy!

It's been a very long time since we have had a puppy around. This week I'm trying to start working on Halloween. My master plan was to be way ahead of the season this year. I had visions of fully stocked shelves by mid August. I would spend my days in Sept just enjoying the Fall season colors and taking a few walks, enjoying life. Nope, change of plans. A puppy has arrived! Can I get any work done? Not much. I'm trying but my days of being at my workbench for six hours straight are non existent, I'm lucky if I get two hours while Raisin is in her crate. This past Saturday we puppy proofed my studio. At this point I have no idea where all my supplies are. Things I would lean over and grab are gone to another room. What was I thinking getting another dog! For some weird reason I pictured another addition to our family just laying on her pillow in my studio like my beloved Apple did. Instead I have mini
beast! I'm sure this too shall pass with time and age if I live that long!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

The New Arrival

One month has passed since we lost our beloved friend Apple. The past month had been harder than I ever imagined. Yesterday I was able to locate a 12 week Rottweiler puppy after much searching. I had looked at rescue sites but it was a long and stressful process with mounds of paperwork. Just by one last chance I checked Craigslist..there she was..a little Rottweiler girl. Located in West Va. I immediately contacted the owner and off in the car we went! Fast forward 24 hours "Raisin" has settled in well. This first day and evening have gone well. She seems to understand we are her new parents. It is funny how a little fuzz ball can melt your heart again. That being said, Apple was  my girl and always will be. She was one special goofy Rottweiler and I will always love her. I greet her every morning on the cupboard in the living room and say goodnight to her every night. Raisin will earn her place in our lives over time. For now its remembering what puppy life is like. Its been 10 years and how quickly we forget! The baby gates are back up, the antiques are up even higher and they puppy classes are being scheduled

Monday, June 8, 2015

The End.....

The past week has been a sad one for Guy and myself. Our beloved friend and my constant companion Apple has died. Over the past few months we all seemed to be aging gracefully together. Unfortunately Apple began going downhill very fast. At 9 1/2 our Rottie girl had lived a good life. She was my best friend and constant companion in my studio every day. She occasionally made appearances on my Facebook page showcasing all the goofy things she was up to. Guy and I are devastated at this loss but I'm sure with time we will be able to move on. We are just thankful to have had her for almost 10 years and we will never forget all the joy she brought into our lives......

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Into The Sun!

How lovely winter has gone! Spring has finally arrived in central Pa. I have not updated this blog in awhile because basically there has been nothing other than having acute bronchitis to write about. Winter was long and hard. I was sick for several weeks and still trying to completely recover. Our Easter season had us somewhat busy in the studio. In between coughing and wheezing I was able to get the Easter rabbits , chicks and hens finished and off to new homes. With the temperature warming up we are looking towards the Fourth of July,
summer gnomes and toadstools. New candy has been stocked in the candy counter, old fashioned soda pop is in and believe it or not it's only six months until Halloween sooo we are starting!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Winter Blues...

Oh it's winter here in central Pa. Cold snow and wind, no mistaking it. Well it's market time again. With a very hectic holiday season over we are headed to The Market Square Wholesale Show in about one week. Last year we were surprised with 9 inches of snow on opening day. Yes, it will be cold this time, colder than last year but hopefully no snow. I have been in the studio this past week longer than I would have liked. Are we ready, maybe and maybe not. It's been along couple of months with lots of work. I've been battling some type of sinus crap that just keeps hanging on so I'm crabby and tired which will make for an interesting trip for Guy! We have been working on some new items which I am excited to show at Market Square. For those of you traveling to the show...I hope to see you there! Stamm House in The Gallery...booth 1419